Are You the One? Looking for Speakers!

man-1020389_1920Our Annual Conference will be in November this year and we already have a great lineup of sessions and speakers planned! We are still looking for a speaker or a panel of speakers for the following topic so we’re reaching out to you for help. Do you know someone who is knowledgeable on the following topic? Or maybe you’d like to nominate yourself? The session will be on Managing Producer Diversity – i.e. insuring you have the right product mix in your market. Here’s the full session description:

Managing Vendor Diversity

Managers plan their market’s vendor mix to ensure each vendor can earn enough to sustain their business, while still providing enough choices for consumers. How many produce vendors can your market support? How many meat vendors? What is there enough of at your market and what is missing that might be needed? Many new managers ask themselves: “How does a manager maintain the right balance?” Learn tried and true techniques on managing vendor mix from these successful farmers market managers.

If you feel that you could add your expertise to the panel or you know of someone who would be a great fit, please reply to this email and let us know. There are some perks to being a speaker too. Conference speakers receive free admission to the conference for the day they speak as well as the chance to help other managers around NY state.