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The Farmers Market Federation of New York is dedicated to the growth and management of farmers markets throughout our state, serving the needs and interests of vendors, managers, customers and all stakeholders in local, community markets. We create an environment in which markets may better understand the issues faced by every market, as well as the unique elements that may have a bearing on THEIR particular market. We share information across markets and members to make certain that informed, intelligent commitments may be made, resulting in stronger markets, more viable vendors and happier customers.

This is the essences of membership; joining a community of people who share your interest, seek out one another for support and information and are drawn to a place where they can find answers, explore opportunities and learn from on another’s triumphs and challenges. You will find it on our website, in our list serve, throughout our communications, and at our meetings. We design and run programs to train market managers, vendors and farmers in subjects as wide ranging as food safety and marketing their products all while focusing on the need to build business and expand the opportunity for every market.

If this intrigues you, whether as a vendor, a consumer or most certainly as a market manager, administrator or even board member, please join this organization today. Your membership dollars will be put to immediate use in your community and in your market by bringing you in contact with dozens of managers and vendors, hundreds of professionals from varied walks of life and backgrounds and literally thousands of people whose love for local, fresh foods is expressed most clearly through their participation in, and support of local farmers markets.

Membership Benefits:

Learn more about the programs and services of the Farmers Market Federation of NY and how your annual fees are benefiting you. 

  • FMM Pro, an online training program to build professional skills for farmers market managers. Graduates receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Federation, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broom Country and SUNY Cobleskill
  • Farmers Market Business Planning guidelines and templates
  • NYS Wireless EBT program, extending SNAP to farmers markets and direct marketing farmers
  • Educational opportunities, including an annual market managers conference and webinars
  • Food Safety Recommendations for keeping customers safe from food borne illnesses at direct marketing venues
  • Market Development services, including guidelines for developing new farmers markets and consulting for current markets
  • Promotion of farmers markets through tote bags and social media campigns
  • Networking opportunities through a Federation list serve, New York FARMERS MARKET-L, sponsored by Cornell University, and through a closed group on Facebook: NY Farmers Market Management Group
  • Updated website, including: complete listing of all farmers markets in the state, Federation programs, resources and links to assist market managers, sponsors and organizations to develop successful community farmers markets
  • Partnerships with state, local and non-profit agencies to develop and administer programs that support farmers markets, farmers and consumers, including SNAP incentive programs
  • Accessibility to Commercial General Liability Insurance Program for markets and farmers/vendors
  • Advocacy to state leaders on issues of importance to our industry

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