Business Planning: Taking Your Market to the Next Level

Here is a selection of downloadable worksheets that can help you bring your Farmers Market to the next level!


Farmers Market Business Planning: Taking Your market to the Next Level

Section 1 PowerPoint

Farmers Market Business Planning Worksheet Write-up

1.1 Worksheet

1.2 Worksheet

1.3 Worksheet

1.4 Worksheet

1.5 Worksheet

1.6 Worksheet

1.7 Worksheet

1.8 Worksheet

1.9 Worksheet

1.10 Worksheet

1.11 Worksheet

Farmers Market Marketing Planning

Section 2 PowerPoint

Farmers Market Marketing Planning Worksheet Write-up

2.1 Worksheet

2.2 Worksheet

2.3 Worksheet

2.4 Worksheet

Farmers Market Financial Planning

Section 3 PowerPoint

Farmers Market Financial Planning Worksheet Write-up

3.1 Worksheet

3.2 Worksheet

Supporting and Promoting the Viability of New York's Farmers Markets