Don’t Miss These Upcoming Deadlines!

There’s a chill in the air and we’re switching over from air-conditioning to heat and from pansies to mums. You know what that means! November is fast approaching. We were surprised when we asked at the end of last year’s conference whether you preferred February or November and so many of you chose November. But then again, there are several advantages: markets have just closed for the season so excitement is high to begin planning for next year, plus we’ll be a lot more likely to avoid snow and freezing temperatures! We’ve had quite a lot of signups so far, but if you’re one of the procrastinators, here are the upcoming deadlines to make sure you don’t miss out:

Conference Registration – submit ASAP, no refunds after November 4th when the numbers for meals will be finalized.

Conference Rate for Hotel Rooms – Can only be honored until November 1st so please book before then. Since this is a resort, the discounted rate is a lot less than their normal pricing, so don’t miss out by forgetting to book your room in2016-10-11-11_33_09-start time!

To remind you of what you’ll be getting, here’s a photo of one of the upstairs sessions at last year’s conference:



Time after time we hear that one of the best benefits of conference is getting to see everyone and network with managers of all different kinds of markets from around the state!

Another “fan favorite” at the conference every year is the tours. This year’s tours sound particularly fun, with farms, a food hub, and a local brew pub on the schedule, including The Eden Valley Co-op/WNY Food Hub, Ellicottville Brewing Company, Blue Hill Farm, White Cow Dairy, and Canticle Farms. Each location was chosen to showcase the Southern Tier West agriculture and food landscape and the tours will give market managers a guided look into farm production and marketing. At Blue Hill Farm and White Cow Dairy, we will even get to sample several of the small-batch, handmade products such as custards, yogurts, and tonics, syrups, tinctures, and bitters made with the farmstead’s milk!

So what are you waiting for?

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