Fall means it’s time for the 2017 Farmers Market Managers Conference!

It’s only 5 weeks until the 2017 Farmers Market Managers Conference! It seems our summer has flown
by and Fall is here!
This year’s conference is taking a hard look at the issues we have been hearing about all year – farmers
markets are losing consumer share and farmers are losing sales. Why is it happening and what can we
do about it? Well there are lots of issues that are causing consumers to shop elsewhere for local food. In
no particular order, we see
 Oversaturation of markets allows shoppers to spread their food dollars over multiple markets,
rather than concentrating their shopping at one market. Is it cost-effective for farmers to
participate in multiple markets to reach the same customer base as before?
 Too many options for consumers to buy local food? Who are our competitors, what can we
learn from them and bring back to our markets?
 Markets have not kept up with current consumer shopping trends. How can we understand
today’s consumer and how can we reach them? What can we do to market our markets relevant
to today’s consumer?
These are just some of the issues that may be driving consumers to alternative sources for local food.
You can learn how to respond to these issues, how to build your market into one that is more what
today’s consumers want in a shopping venue, learn how market competition is appealing to consumers
and draw out valuable lessons to improve your market and help your farmers succeed.
These are just some of the valuable lessons you’ll get from the 2017 Farmers Market Managers
Conference: “Creating Customer Friendly Markets”. The conference will be hosted by Cornell
Cooperative Extension in Binghamton. We’ll be meeting in their auditorium, sharing meals in the
Broome County Regional Market on the Extension Campus, and visiting the Taste NY store that is new to
their campus. In addition, several tours to local farms will give you insight into the farmers side of
farmers markets. These tours are both fun and educational!
Plan to join us November 7 – 9 at the annual Farmers Market Managers Conference. Registration is now
open, you can pay online or send a check to the Federation office. Registration is online at
http://www.nyfarmersmarket.com/conference-registration- 2017/
We have a contract with the Fairfield Inn by Mariott, which is a 2 minute walk from the Extension office.
Hotel registration is open until October 20 with a discounted rate of $109. After that the rate goes up.
So be sure to get your registration in by then! Find hotel information at
We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Binghamton, November 7 through 9.