Farmers Market Decision Tool

Welcome to the Farmers Market Decision Tool!

This tool has been designed so that you as a vendor can easily find a farmers market near you to sell your goods. On this decision tool, we will ask you questions about your location and products sold to help you narrow down a list of Farmers Markets. We’ll then provide a list of matching markets along with key market characteristics you can use to narrow down which markets to contact. Remember to check all market characteristics and not just location when making your decision about which market(s) to attend – the closest markets may not be the best and most profitable ones.

The farmers markets shown are all currently seeking new vendors in the categories shown to our latest knowledge, but it will be up to you to check with your desired market(s) to make sure they still have availability and find out what their current fees and enrollment policies are. Market info does change from time to time so simply being in this list is not a guarantee of availability or acceptance; however, this list will be a great starting point in researching and choosing the best markets for you. We depend on managers and farmers to help us keep this list up to date so please email any corrections or questions about the listings to [email protected].

** When viewing the results, please scroll all the way down and all the way to the right to see the complete data for all of the results provided. There may be blank spaces in between results where one market has provided more information than another. You can view the individual results as single pages by clicking on the market names. Click here to view or print the county key showing which counties are included in each of the regions listed. **

When you’re ready, hit the begin button below to begin your search!