Farmers Market Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

It takes a community to build a strong, vibrant farmers market. No one person can do it alone. A variety
of farmers, a great manager, committed consumers, and support from local businesses, government
agencies and local organizations all work together to make a market happen week after week, year after
year. When all work together, the market is a vibrant site of local commerce, community activity and a
resource for learning about nutrition and other social causes.
How can you be a part of the market? Most markets need volunteers to make the magic happen. We
invite you to get involved in a market near you. Click the link below to learn about volunteer
opportunities in your community. Then make the call to the market’s manager and offer your assistance.


Database of market volunteer/scholarship opportunities for 2018 Coming Soon!

Market managers, enter your market opportunities here

Sample Volunteer Job Description

Volunteer Job Template

Supporting and Promoting the Viability of New York's Farmers Markets