Farmers Market Volunteer Opportunities For Students

Volunteer Opportunities for College Students

Building Your Local Farmers Market


Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to grow a successful farmers market. It’s not just a group of farmers convening once a week, it’s more than a manager who somehow corrals the chaos, and it goes beyond the beyond the customers who shop at the market. They all must come together, build the community spirit of a market to bring everyone together. That means creating and hosting programs at a farmers market that reaches all sectors of a community and encourages all to come each week, buy nutritious local food, catch up on community news and learn more about agriculture and nutrition.

Farmers markets all across the state are seeking volunteers to help them build their markets success, reach out to community members, and assist in the running of programs and services for the markets. College students are encouraged to reach out to their local farmers markets and volunteer your time. It might be as little as a few hours a week, but your time is valuable in the overall operation of the market. Some typical volunteer duties might include:

  • operating a terminal for the SNAP program, helping local income consumers access the fresh, healthy foods at the market
  • assisting farmers in setting up their booth and providing them temporary breaks for bathroom visits or to get a coffee and sandwich
  • assisting with social media
  • organizing and running children’s programs
  • and a host of other services that are unique to each individual market

You can download the spreadsheet here to see what opportunities are available

Contact your local market and offer your help to make your market a community asset and a vital commercial venue for area farmers and food makers. Your time and your assistance is greatly valued!

For questions, contact the Farmers Market Federation of NY, 315-400-1447 or email [email protected]

Supporting and Promoting the Viability of New York's Farmers Markets