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FAQFarmer Market Frequently Asked Questions

Farmers markets are fast becoming America’s favorite way to access fresh, locally grown foods and develop relationships with farmers. This has resulted in tremendous growth in farmers markets over the last few years. This growth has spurred greater interest in operating, supporting and participating in farmers markets.

The Farmers Market Federation of NY, in an effort to answers the questions of market operators, market supporters, market enthusiasts, farmers and vendors, as well as news reporters, has developed a series of responses to those questions we are most commonly asked.

If you have a question about farmers markets, we invite you to “Ask” the Farmers Market Federation of NY. If your question is not listed below or you would like a more in depth discussion, please contact the Federation office at (315) 637-4690 or E-mail Diane Eggert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

How can I get a farmers market started in my community?
download pdfClick here for the "Guide to Developing a Community Farmers Market" PDF.

Why join the Farmers Market Federation of NY?
download pdfClick here to download the "Membership Benefits" PDF.

How can I sell my products at a farmers market?
download pdfClick here to download the "Becoming a Farmers Market Vendor" PDF.

Why do I need liability insurance and where can I get it?
download pdfClick here to view the "Liability Insurance for Farmers Market Participation".

How can I offer EBT at my market?
download pdfClick here to download the "Bringing EBT to the Market" PDF.

How can I use recipes to promote my market or farm? Are recipes copyrighted?
download pdfClick here to download the "Guidelines to Using Recipes" PDF.

How have farmers markets grown across NY State?
download pdfClick here to download the "New York State Farmers Markets" PDF.

How can I add New York farm wineries to my market?
download pdfClick here to download the "NY Wineries at Farmers Markets" PDF.