FMM Pro: Career Development

FMM Pro: Career Development

Now that the certification program is fully operational and there are market managers participating in and graduating from the program, we are able to move to the next phase. This phase will reach out to various Ag & Tech Colleges in New York State to encourage college students seeking agri-business degrees or otherwise interested in local food, to participate in the FMM Pro Certification program. The appeal would be to learn business management skills that could be easily be translated to management of any type of business. As part of this, we will maintain a database of summer/winter farmers market internship/volunteer opportunities. FMM Pro students will have access to the database and be able to apply for internships/volunteer positions that will enhance their FMM Pro experience, management experience and potentially earn them college credit.

Program highlights:


  • Create a database of Certified Market Managers to be maintained as a resource for future managers.
  • Provide Ag Business students with hands-on experience in market management that will enhance their skill sets in any agri-business setting, as well as provide professional certifications to be added to resumes.
  • Provide farmers markets with access to volunteers and interns with skills that can be immediately applied to the market.

Scholarship program:

  • Cost of program is $200, but successful completion will result in a full refund.
  • Requirements:
    • Complete FMM Pro online program no later than January 31 and earn Certification
    • Connect with farmers markets through the Federation database of market internship/volunteer opportunities and secure a summer unpaid position within a farmers market
    • Complete the internship/volunteer position through the summer of 2018. Provide a copy of a final evaluation from the market manager to receive scholarship reimbursement.
  • 5 scholarships available at each of the colleges chosen for participation.


Student Requirements for participation

  • Available to Associates and Bachelor Degree candidates
  • Complete scholarship application by September 15
  • Must $200 pay upfront for FMM Pro
  • Must successfully complete the online course by January 31. You will then receive a certificate and $100 refund.
  • Must contact markets in their summer area to acquire an internship or volunteer position for the summer 2018.
  • Successfully complete a summer position with a local farmers market and provide Federation with copy of final evaluation from market manager. You will then receive a second $100 refund making the course FREE to you!


Market Manager Requirements

  • Provide training and supervision to each student volunteer/intern
  • Conduct end of season evaluation of student, providing Federation with copy
  • Comply with college internship program requirements, such as a final report
  • Intern/volunteer work must include every market day, with a responsible job to perform that utilizes skill sets learned from FMM Pro.
  • Provide Federation with timely and accurate information to promote internship/volunteer opportunities to students; including job description
  • Participate in Volunteer Management training in January via webinar
  • If a market support organization, internship/volunteer position MUST be with farmers market


Students can apply for the program using the following link: FMM Pro Career Development Program Application

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