Friends of the Market Toolkit

Friends of the Market Toolkit


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Friends of the Market

Our introduction to Friends of the Market discusses the purpose of Friends of the Market Organizations – What are they?  What do they do for your market and for your community as a whole?  Should you consider starting one?


Volunteer Management

Our volunteer management guide gives you advice on how to find and manage volunteers, an essential resource which many farmers markets depend upon for their staffing needs.


Volunteer Interest Form

This is a sample volunteer interest form used to gauge the skills, availability, and commitment level of a potential volunteer.


Forming a Non Profit Organization

There are many costs associated with running as a for-profit business. For some markets or Friends of the Market organizations, incorporating as a non-profit may reduce or eliminate many of these costs. Our guide to forming a non-profit organization explains what is needed to file for non-profit incorporation, who is eligible, and what the process entails.


By-laws Template

One important aspect to beginning a farmers market is to make sure you have a well-written set of bylaws to govern your organization.  This is also true of a Friends of the Market organization.  Whether you are operating as a non-profit or a for-profit corporation or LLC, your bylaws will help you define your purpose, membership, board of directors, and officers, as well as govern operations of your organization.  This template will help you as you begin to write your bylaws.


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