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A profile is an individual database file that encapsulates all pertinent information regarding any person or organization with whom the Farmers Market Federation regularly corresponds or does business. It is, in essence, an electronic “business card” that can hold an extensive amount of relevant data and interact with other system tools to streamline membership management, application processing,annual renewals, and e-correspondence. The individual characteristics that are stored within the profile—such as the user’s name, address, or market location—are called attributes, which can be edited, hidden, and included in online applications as necessary.

Ideally, everyone associated with the Federation should have a profile in our database so their contact information is readily accessible to us and so farmers marketinformation is always available to our website visitors. Our database currently consists of both paid and non-paid members, including: NY farmers markets (virtually all, statewide), market associates, farmers and vendors, professional agricultural resource personnel, and newsletter announcement recipients. Our goal is to also incorporateincentive program participants, insurance program participants, workshop attendees, etc. into the MemberClicks database.

NOTE: Though all of the above are to be included in our database, the only profiles that should ever be displayed in the on-line directory are markets and their associates, resources, and those farmers/vendors/members who have specifically authorized us to publish their profile.

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How to register & add your Personal/Market record in the directory of New York Farmer Market Federation Market.