It’s that time of year again!

1-16-14 (8)We are working on updating market information for the season. On our website, we’ve compiled a database of market profiles for consumers. This online profile is a great way to get more exposure for your market, as it allows customers to look up market times, locations, and what your market has to offer. Updating your profile ensures that customers have the most current information for your market. It also allows each farmers market to take advantage of our Online Farmers Market Decision Tool.

Online Farmers Market Decision Tool

Last year, The Farmers Market Federation of NY (in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County, through funding from the NY Farm Viability Institute) prepared an Online Farmers Market Decision Tool to help farmers find the most appropriate farmers markets. This Decision Tool is currently available on the Federation’s website, .

This tool is an excellent way for New York’s farmers markets to recruit farmers who will find fulfillment in their markets. However, we need your help to maintain this searchable database. When you go to update your market profile for the season, you’ll notice a series of Market Characteristics questions. Once this more detailed questionnaire is complete, the Online Farmers Market Decision Tool will be fully updated and you will be able to connect your market with farmers who match your needs and interests.

Please help us maintain this Online Decision Tool by entering your market information on the online market form today. If you host more than one market, you will need to enter each market individually.

Find the form at update an already existing profile, click on “Forgot your private link? Click here to have it emailed to you.” You’ll receive an email with a link to update your profile.

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this form, or accessing your private link, please contact the Federation office at 315-400-1447 or contact our new office manager Maggie at [email protected]