What is a List Serv? 

A List Serv is like an email magazine or newsletter, in that the email address that you use is “subscribed” to the list, and receives postings automatically through that mechanism. The main difference from a magazine or newsletter is that the communication is two-way. In addition to receiving the posts at your email address, the List Serv is also able to accept your contributions to the discussion, and pass them along to all subscribed email addresses.

What can be posted on the NYFARMERSMARKET-L List Serv?

This List Serv is dedicated to farmers’ markets. You can post questions, comments, or suggestions of anything that pertains to farmers’ markets. Discussions have been on management issues such as how to find new farmers for a market, what types of events work well at markets and how to fund those events, insurance discussions, etc. As long as the discussion is about farmers’ markets, it can be posted to this List Serv.

How can I subscribe to the NYFARMERSMARKET-L List Serv?

Fill the form below to subscribe on the NYFM List Serv. You will be subscribed to the List Serv and will receive an email packet from the Cornell List Serv administrator welcoming you to the list. You are then free to post and receive messages from the List Serv.

If at any time you choose to unsubscribe, enter “unsubscribe” in the “Your Interest In New York Farmers Markets” field.





How do I post my messages to the List Serv?

If you are posting a new message to the list, send your email to [email protected]. If you are replying to a message already on the list, all you need do is hit the “reply” button and your response will be sent to all email addresses subscribed to the list.

What are the rules for participating in the List Serv?

Because each message posted on the List Serv go to all email addresses subscribed to the list, there are a few simple rules to abide by:

  1. All postings must be related to farmers’ markets. Soliciting business or marketing services, except where they may have broad general application to the entire membership is prohibited.
  2. Posting attachments can be a problem for some list subscribers. Please put attachments on a website and then post the URL to the list or place the content of the attachment in the text of the message. You may also suggest that people contact you off-list to receive a large attachment.
  3. When you hit the reply button, your return message goes back to all subscribers of the list. Therefore, if you are responding to only one person, you should do this in a new, separate email directed only to that person.

Who sponsors the NYFARMERSMARKET-L List Serv?

The List Serv is sponsored by Cornell University and the Community, Food and Agriculture Program. It is through their generous support that this networking tool is available to the Farmers’ Market Federation of NY and all those interested in participating in the list discussions.

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