Market Management and Operations

This is a page full of resources and guides compiled by the Federation that cover all aspects of running a farmers market. Scroll down for resources on Market Management & Operations, Market Startup, Nonprofit Incorporation, the Permit Process, and Insurance & Licenses. If you know of anything that should be added, click on contact us to let us know! 


Market Management & Operations



FMM Pro Manual: Resources from the Farmers Market Manager’s Professional Certification Program

Note: this manual includes written resources from the FMM Pro Course for Free, but to receive certification and watch the videos and view the rest of the materials, you’ll need to register for the course here. This document replaces and updates the Farmers Market Manager Training manual.

Click the title above to open Your Market’s Economic Impact, a presentation by Ted Spitzer of Market Ventures, Inc. on the topic of: models for estimating your market impact. 


What Are Your Market Numbers?

Click here to open What Are Your Market Numbers?, a presentation by Ted Spitzer of Market Ventures, Inc. on the topic of: right-sizing your market – why statistics are important, what kinds of numbers you should know, and how to get those numbers.


Farmers Market Evaluation

This is a self-evaluation form for market managers to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their market in the following categories: Location/Site, Parking, Traffic, Proximity, Currencies/Coupons Accepted, Amenities, Customer Service, Market Layout, Vendor Spaces, Vendors, Atmosphere, and Customer Profiles. 


Tools for Rapid Market Assessments

This document is an Oregon State University Extension publication by Larry Lev, Linda Brewer, and Garry Stephenson of the Small Farms Program that explains some simple low cost quantitative and qualitative market assessments. These assessments will provide valuable information that you need in order to make improvements to your market.


Market Startup


Guide to Developing a Community Farmers Market

Click the link above or the image to open our own 63-page Guide to Developing A Community Farmers Market.  The guide includes information on background research and planning, market organization and marketing, recruiting farmers, finances, and how to bring it all together, as well as the following documents as appendices:

          • Checklist for Developing a Community Farmers Market
          • Sample Survey for Consumers
          • Sample Survey for Farmers
          • Sample Survey for Local Businesses
          • Farmers Market Site Evaluation
          • Sample Farmers Market Manager’s Job Description
          • Sample Rules for Farmers Markets
          • Sample Market Application
          • Resources and Contacts List



Farmers’ Markets Rules, Regulations and Opportunities

This 47-page National Aglaw Center Publication by Neil D. Hamilton covers topics such as:

          • Why Farmers’ Markets Are Important
          • Creating A Farmers’ Market: Sponsors, Managers, and Market Philosophy
          • Rules and Regulations: How Farmers Markets Operate (Includes The Five Keys to Effective
            Farmers’ Market Rules)
          • Ten Issues that can Create Problems in Managing a Farmers Market
          • Keeping the Farmer in the Market: What You Should Know about Market Rules
          • Questions Farmers Should Consider When Joining A Farmers Market
          • The Future of Farmers Markets in the US
          • Resources and Assistance


Case Study: Creation of the Cicero Market








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