New EBT Cards Rolling Out Starting 8/1


You’ll soon start to see a new look to the SNAP EBT cards in New York State. Beginning in August, new and replacement cards will feature an updated design as shown on the left, but the new cards will continue to work exactly the same as before. Retailers and farmers markets will continue to accept old and new SNAP cards simultaneously until all of the old cards are eventually replaced with new ones. This transition will happen over a period of time as some people will continue using the old cards until they need replacing at which point they will be issued a new card with the new design. Be on the lookout for these new EBT cards at your market and spread the word to your farmers and other nearby market managers about the new card design. You may also need to change your signage when you order new signage if you used any images of EBT cards on your signs. ┬áSee this flyer from USDA for more info.