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The Farmers Market Federation of NY and the NY Farm Viability Institute have partnered with USDA Northeast SARE to present a series of webinars on marketing: “Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success.” These webinars have been designed with the assistance of regional and national marketing experts to provide critical marketing insights for farmers and farm markets throughout the northeast. The webinars are free, approximately an hour and a half long, and easy to access with a basic internet connection. This winter, 6 webinars will be held and interested participants are encouraged to register TODAY for the webinars they want to attend.

The Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success webinar series will give farmers the information and tools they need to excel at direct marketing their farm products. It will also provide curriculum, presentations and handouts to Cooperative Extension Educators and other farm service educators to help their farmers master key marketing concepts that will bring greater success and more profits to their farms than ever before.  You can access these materials below.


Module 1: Self-Assessment


Session 1: Assessing Your Identity

Session 2: What’s Out There? Exploring Marketing Channels

Session 3: Where Are We and Where do we Want to Be?


Module 2: Marketing Assessment


Session 1: Learning to Look Around, or Getting Your Head in the Game

Session 2: How Smart ARE You, Really?

Session 3: Building the Marketing Plan


Module 3: Customer Assessment


Session 1: People Sure Are STRANGE: Understanding the Customer

Session 2: BOGOs, Bouncebacks, and the Cost of Freebies: Promoting the Product

Session 3: Every Silver Lining has a Cloud! Market Assessment and Analysis


Module 4: Communication Assessment


Session 1: How to Say What You Mean and Mean Something

Session 2: You Are What You Look Like: Preparing the Product

Session 3: You Are What They Think You Are: Selling the Product


Module 5: Business Assessment


Session 1: Keeping an Eye on Your Customer

Session 2: Putting a Handle on the Tomato

Session 3: Drudgery that Pays Well

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