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FAQFarmers Market Frequently Asked Questions - Farmers

Farmers markets are fast becoming America’s favorite way to access fresh, locally grown foods and develop relationships with their local farmers. This has resulted in tremendous growth in farmers markets over the last few years. This growth has spurred greater interest in operating, supporting and participating in farmers markets.


The Farmers Market Federation of NY, in an effort to answers the questions posed by marketgoers, market managers, farmers and vendors has developed a series of responses to those questions we are most commonly asked by each group.  The list that follows consists of answers to questions posed by farmers.  To view the answers for market managers, or for farmer/vendors, see that list on the corresponding section of the site.


If you have a question about farmers markets that is not answered here, we invite you to “Ask” the Farmers Market Federation of NY. If your question is not listed below or you would like a more in depth discussion, please contact the Federation office at (315) 637-4690 or E-mail Diane Eggert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



We've answered the number one Frequently Asked Question: Why Should I Shop at Farmers Markets? on its own page in order to give it the space it deserves. Here are the rest of the questions:



1. How can I sell my products at a farmers market?

download pdfClick here to download the "Becoming a Farmers Market Vendor" PDF. 


2. Where can I find a list of farmers markets in NY?


There are several places you can look for a farmers market near you. Once you find a market you are interested in selling at, you will need to contact the market manager to see if there are any openings for new vendors, and what the fees and procedures are.


      ~ One option is to search the Find a Market listing on our website.  You can type a city, county, market name, or zip code into the search bar at the upper
         right-hand corner to search.


      ~ The NY Department of Agriculture and Markets publishes a Listing of NY State Farmers Markets by County.


      ~ You can also look through our listing of NY State Winter Markets by County.


If you still didn't find anything, see the next question.



3. I would like to sell my products at a farmers market, but there is not one close enough - How can I get a farmers market started in my community?

download pdfClick here for the "Guide to Developing a Community Farmers Market" PDF.



4. Why do I need Liability insurance and where can I get it?


download pdfClick here to view "Liability Insurance for Farmers Market Participation."


5. How have farmers markets grown across NY State? Is the number of markets increasing?  


The number of farmers markets in operation in the US has more than doubled in the past 10 years, and continues to rise as the word spreads that local foods are better for you and better for your community.


download pdfClick here to download the "New York State Farmers Markets" PDF to read about the growth of farmers markets in NY state.



6. What is the purpose of the Federation? 


The mission of the farmers market federation is to support and promote the viability of farmers market through innovative services programs and partnerships that maximize the benefits of markets to sellers, buyers, and communities.



7. Okay.  But what exactly does the Federation do?

We do many things to support our mission, but some of the core functions of the federation are:


      ~ Answering questions and providing guidance to marketgoers, farmer/vendors, and market managers


      ~ Publishing a list of NY State Farmers Markets, Winter Markets, Farms, Resources, and Associates


      ~ Administering the statewide wireless Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Program, that provides farmers markets with a free-of-charge EBT Terminal.  This important
         program allows farmers to accept food stamps in exchange for their fresh produce and food products, making farmers markets more accessible to low-income
         New Yorkers.


      ~ Administering the NYC and CNY Health Bucks and Fresh Connect coupon programs, which allow community service organizations to provide free produce to low-
         income New Yorkers, sometimes as an incentive for using their EBT card at the market or for attending a nutrition class.


      ~ Running our Annual Regional Workshops, Farmers Market Information Days, that satisfy the requirement for farmers to accept WIC Fruit and Vegetable checks,         another avenue for low-income New Yorkers to receive fresh produce free of charge


      ~ Administering our Vendor and Market Insurance programs, which provide necessary insurance coverage for vendors or markets while also supporting the mission of
         the Federation


      ~ Running the annual Farmers Market Managers Training Conference


      ~ Running an annual series of free webinars that are open to the public focused on marketing tools needed to run a successful business


      ~ Maintaining this website and our ListSev, sponsored by Cornell Univery's Community, Food & Agriculture Program


      ~ Maintaining a list of resources that may be useful to the public, farmer/vendors, and market managers, as well as a list of resources on food safety 


      ~ Publishing The Farmers Market Forum, our quarterly newsletter

7. Why should I become a member?

Why join the Farmers Market Federation of NY?
download pdfClick here to download the "Membership Benefits" PDF.


8. Is there anything else I can do you help support the federation?


download pdfClick here to find out about the many ways you can help.