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There are many ways you can help - no amount is too small.  You can donate money, donate good/services, or donate your time.  Here's how.  And of course, always remember to shop at your local market and bring a friend!


Donate Money


Donations are always needed.  All donations, large or small, help further our mission to support and promote the viability of farmers' markets through innovative services, programs and partnerships that maximize the benefits of markets to sellers, buyers and communities.

To donate, mail a check or money order to:


Farmers Market Federation

117 Highbridge St, Suite U3

Fayettevile, NY 13066


We are a 501 (C)(3) charitable organization, meaning that all donations are tax deductible.


Donate Goods or Services


Do you have a business that provides printing services, office supplies, farm supplies, t-shirts, tote bags etc?

You can also make a tax-deductible donation of goods or services.


Donate Your Time: Volunteer


Read more about our volunteer program below.






Who we are:


The Farmers Market Federation of NY is a membership organization dedicated to developing opportunities for agricultural producers, consumers and communities all across the state. Our programs and services have a multi-faceted goal to:


    • Create access to wholesome, locally grown foods for consumers;
    • Create rewarding market opportunities for producers; and
    • Economic and social opportunities for communities.

What we do:


In keeping with these goals, the Federation has developed and administers a number of programs, including, but not limited to:


  • NYS Farmers Market Wireless EBT Program, providing technology and assistance to bring farmers markets into the food stamp program. This creates access to farmers markets for all food stamp recipients in the communities where these markets reside.


  • Health Bucks and Fresh Connect incentive coupon redemptions. The Federation partners with the NYC Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene, the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets, the Food Bank of Central NY and the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to provide redemption services to farmers for coupon incentives that are issued by these agencies to their target market communities. The incentive coupons provides additional buying power to low income consumers and increases the likelihood that they will use their food stamp benefits at farmers markets.


  • The Federation’s Market Development program assists communities to establish new farmers markets with a solid base of research, planning and structure. In addition, the program helps markets that are already operational to better achieve their full potential.


  • The Federation has developed a number of guidelines and publications to help farmers markets and farmers be more successful. These include:


    • Guide to Developing a Community Farmers Market
    • Farmers Managers Training Manual
    • Food Safety Guidelines for Direct Marketing Venues
    • Farmers Market Guide to Nonprofit Incorporation

  • Educational programs that increase the management skills of market managers and the marketing skills of farmers. These programs include an annual market managers conference, regional workshops and webinars.

The volunteer program makes a difference!


The Federation operates statewide, encompassing farmers markets in every county of New York State. Staffing to administer these programs, as well as to administer the operations and requirements of a nonprofit organization is minimal. We depend on volunteers, their time, enthusiasm and talents to help us to staff and administer the many programs and projects to keep them functioning, growing and making a difference to our farmers markets, our farmers and consumers, as well as the communities that host a farmers market.

If you are interested in helping to support the programs, projects and goals of the Federation, we ask you to contact the Federation office at 315-637-4690 and lend your time and talents to help us reach our goals to build a vibrant farmers market industry in New York State.

Current Positions 


pdf button Consumer Outreach Volunteer


pdf button Graphic Arts Volunteer


pdf button Market Sales Person Volunteer


pdf button Social Media Volunteer


We also need someone with knowledge of quickbooks and/or accounting.