URGENT: USDA SNAP Notices Regarding Account Closures

URGENT: Have you gotten a notice from USDA about your SNAP account in danger of being closed?

USDA has adopted a new policy to close SNAP accounts where no SNAP benefits have been accepted within a three month period. This is especially problematic for seasonal markets and farmers in the SNAP program.

If you have received this letter, you must IMMEDIATELY call the SNAP Retailer Center, with the number on the letter, 1-877-823-4369. If you tell them you are seasonal, they will not close your account. But, you must call within 10 days of receiving your letter.

If you are having trouble convincing the Retail Center to maintain your SNAP account while you are in your off-season, please let the Federation know. We will do everything we can do on our end to keep your account from closing.

If you have already received the letter and have not responded within 10 days, or your account has already been closed, please contact the Federation office immediately. We will work on getting your account restored. Contact us at 315-400-1447 or email [email protected].

In the meantime, we do have calls into the appropriate people to see if we can keep seasonal markets and farmers from this policy. But until that happens, you will need to respond to these letters within their 10-day window.