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Vendor Liability Insurance Intro 

Commercial General Liability insurance is a major budget item for farmers and markets. But it is something that everyone needs to protect their farm, the market and its sponsors in case of a lawsuit. The Farmers Market Federation of NY has contracted with insurance companies to provide access to affordable insurance to all members. The program is available to both farmers markets and the farmers and vendors participating in farmers markets.


For the 2015 – 2016 year, the Federation will be using Campbell Risk Management as our Federation-sponsored and farmers market vendor policy.

The application form for this insurance is here: Apply Online.

For certificate requests – email the request to:  [email protected].  Do not contact the Federation – simply send your request directly.

Here is some information about the policy:

Campbell Risk Management currently provides the Federation’s market insurance and their vendor insurance program offers several advantages: 


  • Coverage for meats, fish, and livestock products will be included as well as pre-prepared food items – there’s even an option to cover onsite cooking.
  • The new policy runs from your requested effective date to one year later. This means you can start in the middle of a season, an added convenience over last year’s policy.
  • Campbell Risk Management will handle billing and certificates for you.
  • You will be able to apply for your insurance and pay online right from the Federation website, a big convenience compared with sending checks through the mail.  This means you will get your policy documents sooner. You will also be able to pay for your Federation membership online when you start a new policy.  When you renew your policy, mail us a separate $25 check or we will send you an invoice.


The cost of the basic policy will be a flat rate of $325 (plus $25 for your Federation membership) which covers vendors grossing up to $12,000 in annual sales.  This includes as many markets needed and any additional insured certificates at no extra charge.  The premium increases slightly for those with more sales, maxing out at $425 which will cover up to $825,000 in sales at unlimited markets. 

For any questions regarding the policy itself, please do not contact the Federation – you can reach our agent at Campbell Risk Management, Larry Spilker directly at 1-800-730-7475 ext 203. For questions about membership, contact John at the Federation office (315) 400 – 1447.

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