Marketing for Profit Course Handbook

Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success

Marketing is defined as “…everything you do to promote your business, from the moment you conceive of it to the point at which customers buy your product or service and begin to patronize your business on a regular basis,” (Levinson, Jay Conrad. “Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for Making Big Profits From Your Small Business). This sounds simple, but it encompasses a broad array of efforts all aimed at identifying your market and customers, satisfying your customers and maintaining your customers long term. It includes all marketing channel selections and business decisions, what to grow or produce and how it will be produced; ie conventional, organic, bio-dynamic or some amalgam of these; how you choose to make products available, how product is presented to the public, how you present your business, advertising and promotions, signage, pricing strategy, and so on. Marketing is complex and is often the most misunderstood and least successful part of many farm businesses.   Farmers mostly see themselves as producers. It’s what they do best and what they have chosen as their profession. They will decide the best methods of farming, and the crop mix that will help them to achieve their production goals and revenue requirements. They understand and follow all statutory regulations impacting their operation, comply with labor law and file mounds of paperwork. But farmers are often not skilled in marketing choices, techniques and strategies that will create the relationships with their customers that will ensure successful sales and improved farm profitability. Often they fall under the “Field of Dreams” spell, “Build it and they will come”. However, this is rarely the case in real life. Instead, farmers must acquire expertise in customer relations and marketing.   What follows is a complete marketing toolkit to assist Cooperative Extension Educators and other farm service providers to prepare and present marketing workshops for direct marketing farmers. The information will help direct marketing farmers understand marketing concepts, techniques and strategies and how, when properly utilized, can significantly impact the farm’s bottom line. The curriculum follows a natural progression of marketing concepts, from a self-assessment for direct marketing and review of marketing channels through a thorough review of concepts to fully build a business and marketing plan and marketing tools to succeed.


Marketing for Profit: Tools for Success Handbook

The complete Market for Profit: Tools for Success course in an easy to read and understand handbook for desk top reference.  Click the link below to download the full 154 page handbook:


Download Marketing For Profit Handbook

Includes full Glossary of Terms at the end   You can also download the individual documents that make up these modules below.


Module 1: Self-Assessment


Session 1: Assessing Your Identity

Session 2: What’s Out There? Exploring Marketing Channels

Session 3: Where Are We and Where do we Want to Be?


Module 2: Marketing Assessment


Session 1: Learning to Look Around, or Getting Your Head in the Game

Session 2: How Smart ARE You, Really?

Session 3: Building the Marketing Plan


Module 3: Customer Assessment


Session 1: People Sure Are STRANGE: Understanding the Customer

Session 2: BOGOs, Bouncebacks, and the Cost of Freebies: Promoting the Product

Session 3: Every Silver Lining has a Cloud! Market Assessment and Analysis


Module 4: Communication Assessment


Session 1: How to Say What You Mean and Mean Something

Session 2: You Are What You Look Like: Preparing the Product

Session 3: You Are What They Think You Are: Selling the Product


Module 5: Business Assessment


Session 1: Keeping an Eye on Your Customer

Session 2: Putting a Handle on the Tomato

Session 3: Drudgery that Pays Well

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