View Marketing For Profit Webinars


 Self-Assessment Webinars

  • Assessing Your Identity Resources
  • Marketing Channels Assessment
  • Future Trends

 Market Assessment Webinars

  • Learning to Look Around, or Getting Your Head in the Game
  • How SMART Are You Really?
  • Building the Marketing Plan

 Customer Assessment Webinars

  • People Sure Are Strange, Coming to Understand the Customer
  • Bogos, Bouncebacks and the Cost of Freebies
  • Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud! Market Assessment & Analysis

 Communications Assessment Webinars

  • Communications Assessment: How to Say What We Mean and Mean Something!
  • You Are What You Look Like! Preparing the Product
  • You Are What They Think You Are! Selling the Product

 Business Assessment Webinars

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Customers: Business Assessment
  • Putting a Handle on the Tomato: Reinventing the Product
  • Drudgery that Pays Well! Maintaining Databases and Information


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