We’re Starting a Blog!

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to-do-list-749304_1280Our website has been an incredible resource for NYS markets and farmers for a number of years, but up until now we’ve always done our newsletter in a paper format.  Diane even remembers the days when (back before everyone had email), she had to print and fold the newsletter in paper format and send copies to everyone in the mail.

But times are changing and so are we!  We are excited to announce that for the 2016 membership year, the Federation is replacing the old quarterly paper/pdf format of our newsletter with our new blog and we’ll now be keeping you up-to-date on all things Federation and farmers markets right here on the website.

What this means for you:

You’ll now have a handy place to come to and see what the latest is, both here in the Federation office and around the state.  Just bookmark this link and check it often http://www.nyfarmersmarket.com/theblog or if you prefer, subscribe to our email list if you haven’t already and you can read the latest there.  You might even get the opportunity to shine the spotlight on your market or farm or something interesting happening in your corner of NYS.

What this means for us:

We’ll be able to keep you updated more frequently by adding each article or bit of news as soon as it is relevant and keep the information timely. No more folding paper newsletters or formatting PDFs!

We’re also putting out a Call to Action for Market Managers and other agricultural stakeholders around the state.  We’d like to invite you to participate and make use of this space and take advantage of the great traffic we get on our site:

Got an idea for an article?  Shoot it our way. Or perhaps you already have some existing content you think we could repurpose or share.  Maybe you know about something our readers would be interested in finding out about.

Got photos of your market or farm you’d like featured on our site?  Great – we may be able to use them in an upcoming article.

Please don’t forget to add this to your “to-do” list.  Send all submissions to [email protected].  We will feature as many as we can in an upcoming blog article and/or email blast.  We look forward to seeing YOU featured and to continuing to provide you with the most relevant up-to-date information on New York State’s amazing farmers markets.