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  • Welcome to the Farmers Market Federation of NY
  • market-pic The Farmers Market Federation of New York is a grassroots, membership organization of farmers' market managers, market sponsors, farmers and market supporters. Together, we have developed a spectrum of services to increase the number and capacity of farmers' markets in the state, develop the scope of professionalism in farmers' market management and improve the ability of markets to serve their farmers, their consumers and their host communities. On this site you'll find support materials that will guide you to the successful development, implementation and operation of farmers' markets. Everything from publications and guides to research to reporting tools are available to assist you in market development and management.
  • You'll find the networking opportunities through the Federation's list serv, sponsored by Cornell University's Community, Food and Agriculture Program, will keep you plugged in to market managers across the state for instant feedback to your questions and concerns.
  • The Federation takes a hands-on approach to working with communities and markets. A series of workshops and conference programs each winter brings managers together for training programs and networking opportunities. Consulting services are also available through the Federation for developing farmers' markets and market programs, such as the Farmers' Market Wireless EBT Program.
  • Support programs that directly benefit the farmers participating in New York's farmers' markets are a big part of the Farmers' Market Federation of NY. The farmers' market Liability Insurance Program is instrumental in keeping markets and farmers safe and healthy.
  • Finally, we encourage consumers across the state to visit their local farmers' market. Experience the colorful abundance of nutritious, high quality New York state foods, the aroma of fresh produce and the friendly banter of farmers and customers, neighbors and families. A visit to a farmers' market is an adventure, one that can be experienced every week in your own community.
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  • mission statementMission Statement
  • Our mission is to support and promote the viability of farmers' markets through innovative services, programs and partnerships that maximize the benefits of markets to sellers, buyers and communities.